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Sale & Leaseback for Business

What is sale & leaseback?


Sale and Leaseback is where a company owns an asset which has a value. A problem arises when a company needs to raise capital but cannot afford to sell the equipment because the piece of equipment helps to earn the company an income.


Sale & Leaseback allows a company to raise capital whilst still retaining use of its valuable equipment.


How does Sale and Leaseback work? - A valuation is put upon a piece of equipment that the company owns and they want to release the capital tied up for use elsewhere. The valuation price is agreed and monies are paid back to the company in exchange for the finance company gaining ownership of the item. Ownership of the item or equipment is now with the Finance Company.


A Lease Agreement is then signed giving back use of the equipment to the company.

The company then pays an agreed monthly lease rental each month back to the finance company in exchange for retaining use of the equipment.


What Are The Benefits Of Sale and Leaseback? - The company has been able to raise capital on equipment that it retains the use of. Whilst paying the monthly lease rentals on the equipment the item is still helping to earn an income. The company has retained use of the equipment and has raised valuable capital to use elsewhere.


Another benefit can be that Sale and Leaseback can often provide the company with additional tax deductions.

How Long Does Sale and Leaseback Take? - Underwriting of Sale and Leaseback is generally completed within two days provided there are no complications.

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